ha•lau•re |ˈhalou(ə)r|

(proper) noun

It took three minutes to watch the YouTube video that pointed me in the direction of my first Korean drama, twenty four hours to completely marathon Boys Over Flowers, two months to admit that I was addicted, and four months to stumble upon the Asian Drama Blogosphere. I’m afraid that it’ll take me a lifetime to get over my love of dramas, and until the day I’m cured, I’ll happily dig my own way to hell. I’m starting this blog as a catharsis.

I haven’t yet met anyone in real life that shares my drama obsession, and so the only outlet of my gushing/ranting/what-have-you is the internet. I’d like to think that my perspective is fresh, but in all honesty, I’m probably not contributing much at all to the sea of incredible drama blogs. Nevertheless, I’ll continue writing until I grow immune to the lure of Asian pop culture. Who knows? Maybe it’ll happen someday.


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