Sitcom Standby Releases Trailer

Eeee! The trailer for the upcoming sitcom Standby was recently released, which prompted a quick squeal and a blog post about how excited I am for this drama. Shall I count the ways Standby is going to be amazing? Ryu Jin, Jung So Min, Go Kyung Pyo, Im Si Wan, Lee Ki Woo, Lee Ki Woo, Lee Ki Woo. Judging by the fantabulous cast, if the writing and directing hold up, this sitcom should be a daily dose of awesome to brighten my day, provided it gets subbed, of course. (Crosses fingers. Prays to the drama gods. Offers up chocolate as a sacrifice.)

The trailer itself doesn’t offer up much by way of plot. It’s basically a hodgepodge of ridiculous situations and what I assume are brief character introductions (I don’t speak Korean, so I couldn’t understand the subtitles), but it sheds no light on any developing arcs or Big Conflicts. As far as sitcoms go, this’ll be the second one I’ve watched. I’m halfway through High Kick 3, though it ended last week (the subbers are a bit behind, bless their souls), but I love the longer length for fully developing characters and establishing surprising connections.

I hope the cast has some rocking chemistry, and I’m trying not to get my hopes too high. Moon that Embraces the Sun was my most anticipated drama of 2012, but I ended up dropping it at episode thirteen despite my eternal love for Kim Soo Hyun. Win some lose some, I suppose. So while I’m not exactly placing bets, I’m thinking that it’s gonna be mighty hard to screw this drama up. So make something awesome happen, drama gods.

Via Couch Kimchi

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