Love Forward: Why We Can’t Go On

I’ve found her. Someone else who watches Asian dramas – in real life. She’s not as addicted as I am (yet), but I’ve been over the moon having found another person to gush over swoon-worthy scenes with. We wanted to watch a currently airing drama together and had decided on Love Forward as our first project. But we couldn’t get past the first two episodes.

My friend was done after unfortunate hairstyle after unfortunate hairstyle, but I was more willing to wait for a few more episodes. Until I saw him.

Cute. Harmless. Right? Wrong. For whatever reason, this perfectly handsome man had the charisma of a sexual predator. Every scene Leroy Young was in, I wanted to burst through the computer screen with my pepper spray and rape whistle. He oozed sleaziness despite his crisp suits, and I just wanted to slap on a restraining order and rush him out of the drama. 

Screencaps don’t do him justice. Just thinking about his stare makes me shudder. And the thought of having to watch him creep around the drama for another twenty episodes? No thank you. Which really is a shame because there are some things I really liked about Love Forward.

Tony Yang was absolutely charming. He had amazing chemistry with both his female costars, and I loved his cheeky performance. Amber Kuo was another pleasant surprise. Though all of the drama cliches were inflicted upon her character, her acting never felt overwrought or insincere. Actually, her quiet rebellion reminded me of the fabulous Oh Doo-ri from What’s Up.

Chen Yi Rong’s character drove me up a wall. She had no tact, an irritating voice, and (by the end of the second episode) a terrible haircut. But her scenes with Tony Yang were gold. They were so adorable as bickering friends that I was shipping them as a couple. On the other hand, Chen Yi Rong and Leroy Chan had some weird sort of anti-chemistry that made me want to put a yardstick between them. Every glance he gave her felt lecherous. Shudder.

The story, while promising, was nothing special. In the first two episodes, we were graced by at least three drama cliches (mother’s death by coughing, car crash, amnesia), which doesn’t say much for the originality of the writing. But I loved the girlmance between the two female leads, and I’m a fan of the money versus love premise. The tone was light and fun (when the drama wasn’t pouring on the melo), it’s just – Leroy Young. Ick. I can’t do it.

One thought on “Love Forward: Why We Can’t Go On

  1. Hi there, I stumble upon ur blog when I was just searching for “LF” and here I am. Ur comments are hilarious, esp about the Leroy part! LOL~ LF was one of the worst drama I’ve watched and if it wasn’t for the OTP I was shipping (Tony/Tammy), I wouldn’t have finished it! And I esp in love with Tony… so….! Haha~

    And I guess I’m one of the minority… either Amber did such a good job being the annoying Jing Jing or it’s Amber’s acting herself… but I thought her acting … acting? A lack of acting almost. She always have the same face on! Argh~

    Anywayz, if you know mandarin, I strongly recommend Tony’s earlier drama EX BOYFRIEND. It is the best drama for me to date (what a head scratcher… acting back to back in a very HIGH QUALITY drama and a very bad drama IMO). Anywayz, here’s a preview of EX BF:
    (did I mention it has like the best (real) making out scenes? Haha~ Here’s a MV if you can stand the sexiness:

    Oh oh, u can’t miss this mini drama with Tony and Rainie – Wishing For Happiness (3 eps, 1/2 hour total only!) I hope you will like it!
    Subbed version:

    Raw version:

    And I love love love to chat dramas with u! Cheers~

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