Catching Up: January to March Dramas

Ah. Spring break. That magical time of year when there’s no significant holiday, but I still get time to laze around watching dramas and feeling guilty for my lack of blog posts. (Not that anyone’s exactly sitting on the edge of their seat waiting.) In the time between my last drama round up, series have come and gone, leaving me with a bit less on my plate, but still totally overwhelmed. Thank god I’m on vacation.

Already Gone

Padam Padam
: Oh, how I loved you so. Not enough to ever go back and marathon all twenty episodes, but yunno, it was love while it lasted. The mother-father-son relationship totally melted me, making Padam Padam the first drama of the new year to bring me to tears. The romance was the weakest link, but I never found the main couple unwatchable. I’m sorry it’s over, but thankful that it’s one less drama to cram into a week.

What’s Up: I’ve already written a review of this series, but long story short, I enjoyed it. What’s Up never really gripped me emotionally, but I could see where it was supposed to and appreciated its effort (if that makes any sense). The story lines were brought to a really odd conclusion that didn’t really leave me with any closure, but it is what it is.

Currently Airing

Shut Up Flower Boy Band: For all the hype this drama is getting, I just don’t get it. I mean, I’m liking the show, but is Shut Up Flower Boy Band so fan-freaking-tastic that I want to force all my friends to watch the drama with me? Nah. The boys are adorable, and I like the semi-realistic portrayal of the idol world, but the main romance is doing nothing for me. Maybe it’s because I want to slap the cliche out of Su-ah.

History of the Salaryman: I am so glad that I stuck with this show. History of the Salaryman has ventured into more traditional drama territory after its farcical premiere, but the drama is still worthy of some pretty rave reviews. The actors continue to be awesome, though some of their characters have taken some inconsistent turns. (Cough. Cough. Hang-woo.) The extension was well deserved because I can’t imagine the pacing if the drama had ended at twenty episodes. Onward to the finale!

Operation Proposal: I literally just typed up my current thoughts on this drama, and the jist of my ramblings amounted to total and complete love. Operation Proposal has so much heart that it kills me to see any of the characters suffering. The premise can get a bit repetitive at times, but I’ve turned into enough of a Yoo Seung-ho fangirl that I’d watch him toast butter for an hour.

Skip Beat: Having read the manga, I understand that this is not a drama about romance. If it was, the two main characters would have at least confessed some sort of feelings by episode twelve. And while that worked for me in manga form, it is driving me batty when I’m watching these clueless characters run around on my computer screen. Though I’m tempted to drop this drama, I think I’ll stick it out – if only because it’s a fluffy waste of an hour.

Dream High 2: It’s so bad, but I can’t tear myself away. Dream High 2 has delivered on none of its potentially interesting set-ups, and I hate all of the characters. Oh, drama. Why cast JB if he can’t act, and why do the performances make me want to hide my head in shame? Did you learn nothing from the first season? The only reason I’m still watching is because I want to see just how far this show can actually fall.

Moon that Embraces the Sun: I’ll be honest. I’m stuck at episode thirteen with little to no desire to actually marathon the rest of the series. The adult actors are doing nothing for me, and although I thought I would be happy just watching hours of Kim Soo-hyun smoldering, it turns out that I need an actual storyline to keep me invested. Will I finish the series? Eh. Maybe. If I ever find the desire to knock my head against the wall.

Dropped Like a Hot Potato

Color of Woman: Yeah. I’ve said this before, but after things started going crazy in the second half, I jumped ship. Second Lead was the drama’s only saving grace (after So-ra lost her spunk), but no way was I going to watch Jae Hee’s emotionless stare for another eight
hours. No thank you.

Wild Romance: After the drama turned on the angst, I bailed. And Jessica’s acting wasn’t exactly added incentive to keep watching. Oi. And from what I’ve heard through the grapevine, things got a bit twisted towards the end anyway, which makes me think that I still have a bit of good drama judgement left. (I can only hope.)

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