Color of Woman: Thoughts from Episode Ten

(And without further ado, here’s the last of my Color of Woman ranting. Part one can be found here. Happy reading.)

Well, hot damn. Now I just want to give drama a slap and tell it to pull itself together. I had noticed around episode seven that things were flagging and plot circles were ambling, but the cute factor weighed out my frustrations for the most part – until now. Joon Soo’s possessive act? Total turnoff. I’ve actually had problems with Jae Hee’s acting from the start. His character smiles far too often, which often translates as insincere, and his eyes are frustratingly blank. As much as I wanted to be charmed by him, I could never fully connect with his character.

Right now, I just to flip him the bird and tell Chan Jin to get a move on. I mean, come on. Sora’s obviously in love with you, Joon Soo. So stop acting like Chan Jin is out to destroy your every move. Not that you have any. Moves, that is. Because thus far, you’ve shown yourself to be a pretty incompetent chief with little knowledge about the company and little interest in maintaining your position. Which doesn’t exactly endear you to anyone.

At this point, I just want the drama to take a completely different turn. Let’s scratch the last four redundant episodes (hell, we started going around in circles at the jjampong plot line) and turn Color of Woman into a story about sassy, smart female lead that reunites with her first love Joon Soo, picking up where they left off only to find that he’s turned into a possessive asshole. Then our second lead, the eternal best friend, can pull a Queen of Reversals, take the stage in his shining moment, and rescue Sora from her bad relationship. They live happily ever after, and everyone’s happy. Well, I’m happier, at least.

You know, somewhere along in these last few episodes, this drama’s turned into something I don’t really want to watch. Pull yourself together, drama. Find some focus (other than the ridiculously cliche daddy-corporate-issues). Bring back the charm and the spunky Byun Sora. Ever since she’s turned into a romantic pile of mush, she’s been utterly powerless against the chaebol forces and (practically nonexistent) work bullies. Shouldn’t she have made a stand by now? Hell, even Hye Mi in Dream High call out the mean girls by episode five.

I began Color of Woman with very low expectations. I originally tuned in for Lee Soo Kyung’s charm and Jae Hee’s fresh-from-army facial expressions, and was pleasantly surprised by the breezy, light pilot and rich premise. It felt like Ugly Betty with a Korean revamp, and I was totally onboard hook, line, and sinker.

But now it’s official. I want to break up. I just can’t be in this relationship anymore, and it’s not me, it’s you. I’m trying to hard to be supportive of all your little stumbles, but I can’t watch as you fall flat on your face. So, what I’m saying, drama, is that we need to take a break. Sorry. Get better soon.

2 thoughts on “Color of Woman: Thoughts from Episode Ten

  1. Many viewers feel the same way you do, including me. It’s like they switched writers or something. The first few episodes were really good and a lot of people got hooked (me). now a lot of them, like you, are jumping ship. I’m going to hang on because it has only a few more episodes (24) and I would sure like to see how Director Song is going to get her comeuppance. I will just fast forward through the episodes just to get the jest of it.
    It’s too bad, because this could have been a really good series if they had stuck with the original premise – light romantic comedy.

    • Yeah, I’m really disappointed in this show. It had so much potential. Great actors, cute set-up, nice pacing – all down the drain. Props to you for sticking it out. I do sort of want to know how it all ends, but I don’t think I have the patience.

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